The Design Team

Good aesthetic design must go hand in hand with great functionality and good comfort. Therefore, our team of designers, product developers and technical brains work together to integrate it all in every single Innovation product.

The Danish designer, Per Weiss, is head of the design department. He has been part of the company since 1989 and is the driving force behind the constant creative development of the collections. Inspired by a Scandinavian design tradition as well as fashion and lifestyle trends, he creates long-lasting design with a contemporary appeal.


It all started up in 1971 with a good idea in the spirit of the flower power generation – beanbags. The founder, Flemming Højfeldt, started a production of Delta beanbags – re-launched in 2006 as the Player beanbag. The small company grew quickly, and as flower power was taken over by the yuppie style, Innovation moved on to upholstery furniture as a sub-supplier to other companies.

At the end of the 80ies Innovation was ready for a new adventure. We wanted to produce our own design and launched a competition asking for fashionable and functional sofa bed concepts. The best idea was inspired by old eastern traditions: Natural cotton based mattresses that were flexible enough for multifunctional furniture. One Room Living aka ORL Collection was born.

Innovation expanded with an associated company in the USA in 1991, followed up in 1998 with a Chinese office and factory.

With a greater larger production capacity, more collections were made possible. Having production in both China and Denmark adds flexibility which gives us a unique opportunity to meet market demands. Mutual inspiration and exchange of experience, not at least internationally, assures a constant evolvement and front position of our company.

Good Design

We want to offer furniture that makes a difference in everyday life. Good design that combines style, comfort and functionality. Innovation is not just a name, but what we do. Combining decades of experience in the furniture business with an eagerness to evolve and surprise. In this way we can offer attractive and useful furniture for modern people.

A Better Environment

Not only our design, but also our company values have a clear vision for the future. Innovation has a certified environmental profile, and all recyclable waste, like cardboard, plastic, iron and metal, is separated and used in other productions. Residual, combustible waste is incinerated in low-pollution plants. Packaging is reduced to the minimum needed for safe transportation.

Happy Employees

All Innovation employees, in Denmark, China and the USA, are given the best working conditions to feel comfortable and perform their best at Innovation. The founding value of the company is respect. Respect towards colleagues, customers and environment. Innovation is always trying to produce at a good price, but not at any price!

As an international company we see it as our duty to contribute to better working conditions and a cleaner environment for all.